About us

Let me ask you a question. And I know it mite sound funny.

"Have you ever been totally fascinated with someone?" When you just instaniously know
this is where you wanna be and this is exactly how it should be and you are part of something special and unique?

For many people freedom is considered to be luxury in their lives.
Not many are able to "live their lives according to their dreams". 

How does that work, to stay focused & within flow by the same time? 

We have dedicated our work to this question: “Get Attraction” implies,
that its best sometimes to "let go" instead of chasing the rabbit.

Energy is at last always looking for the way of least resistance.
And Energy follows attention!

Purpose and Ambition can be like gravity fields that can pull you towards your goals. And while you start slow and as you Become Aware of your POTENTIAL - while you can feel getting stronger and more secure to the point where ... you just start FLYING totally free and effortless onward reaching out for your dreams!

Dont you feel how that is something worth looking for?

Force lives within ourselves and is there to be "discovered" by experience & experiments. The more you know and the more you focus on your dearest objectives" the easier it will become to get closer almost as if you can feel someone pushing & pulling you by the same time you can make your dreams come true.

And as “fortune favors the bold” a person can just want to cultivate his strengths and eliminate the things that keep you from becoming who you are. 

Can you feel, how this is something, thats really really really worth looking for?

UNTAMED® will be there with you!
We stand with you on your ways, as you powerfully walk your own special way of life! 

* Young. Aggressive. Playful *