AirTrack Mat Pro air filled Tumbling Floor P3 30cm high 2.8m wide - diverse lenghts!

  • PLAY WITH MAXIMUM POSSIBILITIES An Airtrack of this top class has many uses; Off to the beach and the water with him.airtrack is incredibly fun as a floating jetty! A dream to flip into the water :-)). In the gym you can practice various jumps and forms with the Airtrack tracks. Also in combination with soft floors an airtrack with 30cm height is a great addition to the gym. Tricks are perfect for practicing kicks.
  • MINIMAL STORAGE SPACE An Airtrack can be stowed away quickly in a transport bag. Simply vacuum the air with the blower and store in the supplied bag. He fits in trunk, as well as in each equipment room corner and the basement.
  • SAFETY FIRST, EASY TO HANDLE Your Profi Airtrack is set up in maybe 5min and ready to use. It's just as fast to dismantle him. You can train on different levels. FlicFlac pre-exercises e.g. with a roller, somersaults and screws in the air are possible. The safe environment provides perfect terrain for rapid development. Sky is the limit! - LATEST DESIGN Our Airtracks come straight from the factory. You will not receive your Airtrack immediately, but still directly from production and with the latest updates! Much pleasure is guaranteed.
  • WARRANTY PROMISE You have a two-year manufacturer's warranty on all Air products. The guarantee insures you against production errors. Wear by use can not be guaranteed and rather avoided by proper care and handling. We wish you an exciting, great workout with him! 
  • UPGRADE and grab a fat AIRROLL with it for even more fun!  

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