Customer Account

Registration offers various advantages.

You can always deposit an alternative delivery address or standard payment type in your account, Shipping is free for members!

You can look into order history and inform yourself about current status of your delivery or returns.
Furthermore, you can also manage credits and individual discounts at this point.

Where can I change my data?

At any time you have the opportunity to view and change your data in the protected customer account under "my account (link)".

Forgot Password?

If you've forgotten your password, you can request it here (link forgot password) by clicking "Forgotten Password".

In the window that opens, please enter the e-mail address with which you are registered at PARKOUR.SHOP.

Then we will send you an e-mail with a new password that you can use to log in.

For your own safety we would like to ask you, then under "My Account" this by a new,

replace personal password.

Search for products!
How do I find my desired article?

We offer two convenient ways to find the item you want:

1. You can jump directly into the desired category via our navigation and further narrow down the selection via our filter navigation on the left side,

for example, by clicking on your favorite brand, the category (shoes, clothing, accessories, etc.), your desired size or color of your choice.

2. Just enter your search term in the search field on the top right of our page and send a search query,

by clicking the magnifying glass next to the search box or pressing ENTER on your keyboard. Now, from the search results, select the article you are looking for by simply clicking on it.

Can I have recently viewed articles viewed again?

So you do not lose track, we collect for you the last viewed items.

These can always be found at the bottom of the product detail page in the section "Last viewed".


How does an order work?

IMPORTANT: To use all the features of the online shop, please enable JavaScript in your browser.

That's how it's done:

1. Fill cart

First, you select your desired items and put them in the appropriate size or color without obligation in the cart.

If you mouse over the cart icon at the top right, you will get a direct overview of the items in the shopping cart.

By clicking on the "Zum Warenkorb" button you will get into the shopping cart, which you can also edit.

2. Go to checkout

You do not want to add any more items to the shopping cart? Then go to the checkout!

Just click on the "go to checkout" icon. Hereby you do not make a contract-relevant offer, but start the process,

in which your order-relevant data are queried.

Alternatively and for decision-makers: DIRECT2PAYPAL Checkout.

Simply pay directly via PayPal. The shipping address is taken directly from the account stored in PayPal.

The easiest and fastest way to place an order. Ideal for repeat orders and, if you are in a hurry!

3. Register / Log in

Now, if you have not already done so, you will be asked to log in and / or register.

If you are already a customer, please enter your e-mail address and password, with which you are registered with us.

If you have forgotten the password, you can also request a new password here.

If you are new to our online shop, please log in with your e-mail address and a personal password

and fill out the corresponding fields in the form. All data protection you will find LINKZUMDATENSCHUTZ

4. Shipping method / Payment method

We deliver quickly and reliably with DHL. Deliveries to packing stations are also possible.

Then choose your preferred form of payment.
We offer you various ways to pay the order: credit card, invoice, PayPal and prepayment by bank transfer.

6. Order overview

The order overview offers you the opportunity to check your entries again.
If you want to make changes, just click on the "Edit Data" button.

Once you've ordered in our online shop for the first time, we'll save your settings so you can skip most of the information on the next order.

Log in, Checkout, Send! Of course, you always have the option to change your details on the order confirmation page or under "your account".

7. Submit order

By clicking on the button "BUY NOW (later change to actual name)" you complete the order process and send your order.

Tip: If you do not want to buy an article from your order, you can, as long as the goods are not yet packed and if no discount has been claimed, cancel the article under "My Account".

8. Delivery

The delivery within Germany takes place within 2-5 working days. In addition, you have the option of tracking your current delivery status using the so-called "shipment number".

You will receive these in the course of a shipping confirmation by e-mail and find them under "your account" for each order.

Why can not I choose the size?

We only show you the available sizes.

If your size is not displayed, this size is unfortunately out of stock.

Was my order successful?

After each order you will receive a confirmation from us by e-mail.
In addition, you have in your customer account at any time the opportunity to see the current status of your order.

Can I also order by telephone?

Yes, sure! Our team can take orders by phone.
Simply call: +494022697319. Until 20h you have this opportunity.

I have placed an order but have not yet received an order confirmation?

Tip: check your spam folder. If you can not find an order confirmation, please check your e-mail address in the customer account.

How can I cancel / change my order?

Your order will be sent to our shipping warehouse in less than 60 minutes. The possibility of a cancellation is offered to you only for a short time.

A prepayment order can be canceled before transfer. Please contact our customer service.

Is there a minimum order?

In PARKOUR.SHOP you do not have to reach a minimum order value. 

You can order all items in our online shop.


How can I pay my order?

PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to pay securely, easily and quickly online.
Others are banktransfer, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay.

This is how it works:

You deposit your data once in a PayPal account. After submitting your order, you will automatically be redirected to Paypal. There you enter your deposited e-mail address and your personal password and confirm the payment.
As soon as you click the "Buy" button on the order overview page, your payment will initially only be authorized.

Your PayPal account will be debited only at the time of the parcel shipment and when returning with the time of arrival of the goods in our house again relieved.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can always create a PayPal account.
And you can also use PayPal without having an account as a guest.

We accept credit cards from VISA and MasterCard in the UNTAMED online shop.
Your credit card will be debited only at the time of the parcel shipment and relieved at a return with the time of arrival of the goods in our house.

As an additional security measure we offer the 3-D-Secure procedures "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCardSecureCode".

Once you have entered the credit card number of your VISA or MasterCard within the order form, we'll connect you to your card issuer so you can verify your identity with a code.

Only upon successful authentication will the credit card payment be executed. This additional security level is designed to prevent credit card misuse by stolen or duplicate cards.

For your own safety, please inform your card issuing bank or savings bank about the use of the new 3-D Secure procedure and at best have your card registered at the same time.

You pay the invoice amount simply by bank transfer. You will receive the required data on the order confirmation page and for security in the order confirmation by e-mail.

The invoice amount should be transferred to the specified account within 7 days. The package will be shipped on the day the amount is credited to our account.

If the amount does not reach our account by the deadline, we will cancel the order.


delivery time

If you place your order with us from Monday to Friday until 4 pm and pay by PayPal or credit card,

the package is expected to be delivered to our shipping partner DHL the same day. This means that your package can be delivered in 2-5 business days.

Orders placed on Saturdays or Sundays will of course be processed and shipped the next working day,

if they were paid with the above payment methods. Orders in advance will be shipped the day the payment is received on our bank account.


All products that fit into Standard DHL Delivery boxes: National €0,00 Free Shipping,
european orders €0; international/ Non EU €25,00 free shipping from €100;

For all products that require cargo shipping/ intern. freight shipping: National €0,  EU €120; INT/ NON EU based on qoutation.

To which countries do you deliver?

We deliver worldwide within a maximum of 10-14 days.
Where do I find my shipment number?

Once the shipment has been made, we will send you a shipping confirmation with your shipment number by e-mail.
In addition, the shipment number can be called up at any time in the mein Konto.

Why has my order not arrived yet?

Your estimated delivery date can be found in the shipment tracking.
Please wait until delivery of the expected delivery.

If the ordering process already takes more than 7 days, you should proceed as follows:
Please first check your shipment number - you will find it in the email we send you once the shipment is done (see above).

If the shipment is shown as delivered, please check the following:

• whether a family or household member has accepted the shipment

• whether the consignment was delivered to a neighbor

• the parcel has been delivered to a post office but you are missing the pick-up slip, contact the post office and explain the problem to the staff. You can also pick up the package with your identity card

• contact our logistics partner DHL. The number of the DHL customer service is: 0228 433 31 12

My package has been sent back. Can you send it again?

In some cases it can happen that a shipment with the note "Undeliverable" comes back to us.

Since it is not possible for us to resend a return, our return of goods automatically refunds the invoice amount for undeliverable shipments. An automatic notification will be sent to your e-mail address.

The purchased item has since been reduced. Am I entitled to the new price?
Please understand that our prices may change in our sale phases.

If you have already purchased the item, we can not grant a subsequent refund of the difference.

Can I return goods to you?

You can return the goods ordered by you within 365 days to us.
IMPORTANT: If it is a claim, please notify our customer service before returning the package to us.

You can find more information on the cancellation policy in our (LINK GTC) A return slip or the original box are not a prerequisite for the effective exercise of the right of withdrawal.


Can I exchange an item?

Unfortunately there is no possibility for an online exchange. We will refund the sums immediately, as we do not currently offer an exchange service within the online shop.

If you have a UNTAMED flagship store in your area, you can exchange your (also in the online shop) purchased items locally.

Returns address

Brendelweg 168 - TOR36
27755 Delmenhorst

Please do not send unfree and necessarily put the returns slip or a copy of the invoice in the package! So we can assign the package directly to you.

Where can I print my return label?

Log in
Open the overview "Your orders" in your customer account
Mark the article you want to return and print out the return label

Why can not I print my return label?

The DHL returns label will be opened in a pop-up window.
If you can not print your returns label, the browser pop-up blocker is probably activated.
In order for the window to open, the pop-up blocker must be deactivated via the settings.

Here are instructions for enabling pop-ups for the four most popular browsers:

Google Chrome:

Possibility Number 1:

When clicking on "Print Returns Label" a small yellow message will appear in the upper right corner of the browser address bar, stating

that the pop-up window can not be opened. Click on the message to open a menu in which the pop-up blocker can be deactivated globally or only for the page displayed.

Option 2:

1. Settings

2. at the bottom show "Advanced Settings"

3. Privacy Policy "Content Settings"

4. Scroll down to the heading "Pop-Ups"

5. Allow display of pop-ups for all websites

6. Done

Mozilla Firefox:

Possibility Number 1:

When clicking on "Print Returns Label", a yellow message will appear below the browser address bar indicating that the pop-up window can not be opened. Clicking on the "Settings" button in the message opens a menu in which the pop-up blocker can be deactivated globally or only for the page displayed.

Option 2:

1. Settings

2. "Content" tab

3. Remove the check mark "Block pop-ups"

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Possibility Number 1:

When clicking on "Print Return Label" a yellow message will appear at the bottom of the browser window indicating that the pop-up window can not be opened. In this message, the pop-up blocker can be deactivated globally or only for the page displayed.

Option 2:

1. Internet options

2. Tab "Privacy"

3. Uncheck "Turn on pop-up blocker"

Apple Safari:

Possibility Number 1:

1. Safari

2. Settings

3. "Security" tab

4. Remove the check mark "Block pop-ups"

I have ordered a reduced article. Can I send him back?
Of course you can also return reduced items. There will also be a refund.


What do I do if I receive a bad article?

Please send us the article back immediately. Please enclose a copy of the invoice and a short note about what is being claimed on the item.

Once your shipment has arrived, it will be returned and the amount will be automatically refunded the next working day using the most recent payment method.

How do I claim a damaged item?

Please send us some photos of the defect to the following e-mail address: warranty@parkour.shop.
We look at the defect in advance and then contact you.

Questions about ordering online

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