UG Classic wool look Cap navy blue!

Nmero de artculo: 1518013

  • OSFA 100% Algodn
  • Bordado 3D
  • 39 treinta ajuste

Categora: UNTAMED

$ 22.75

incl.19% IVA , ms Envo

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Tiempo de entrega: 3 - 5 jornadas

A classic wool look Cap with UNTAMED front application? Want a little retro oldschool flavor added to your run?
Well, then get your 39thirty neo classic now!

UNTAMED Freerunning apparel is on since over a decade now and running! - Going your own special way in life and staying honest and true to yourself. This is what UNTAMED stands up for!! These caps are OSFA and have a valuable applique on their front!

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