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Here you can buy original AirTracks directly from the factory online with best price warranty!

What is an AirTrack? An AirTrack is a big cushion of air and resembles a huge air mattress. This air-filled train has become more and more of a popular sport device. Unlike the ground runner, the AirTrack is an elastic and soft cushion; Without risk new jumps can be practiced and sophisticated techniques can be learned. The risk of injury is low thanks to the elastic surface.

Fast assembly and disassembly, mobile use, small storage space and a variety of possible uses for young and old justify the success of this training device. Our AirTracks P1, P2, P3 / Professional are the consistent evolution of a proven and long-standing sports equipment products. We cooperate with state and federal associations, clubs, show groups, leisure and elite athletes and have now lowered the prices for end consumers.

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You will always receive the latest and most up-to-date AirTracks - including Air-Track, AirTumbling, Air-Tumbling, AirTrick, CheerTrack, CrossTrack, ShowTrack, AirGymnastic, Tumble Trak. Air Tumbling Floor Exercise Mats, Workout Set, Home Set, AirFloor, AirBlock, AirBoard - Called. 30 years of experience and continuous innovation are the guarantee of quality products, fast, reliable service and perfect customization. Our clients are professionals, recreational athletes and beginners.

Particularly suitable are the trains in the school. Inclusion presents challenges for schools. The movement in the three-dimensional space creates neural connections. After just a short time, studies have shown how children with ADHD / ADD experienced enormous relaxation already after a training session. AirTracks are ideal for clubs, studios, cheerleaders, gymnastics, trickery, parkour, freerun, acrobatics, gymnastics, kindergarten, day-care centers, school sports, senior sports, mother-child gymnastics, private parties, universities; Sports colleges!

With such a professional training device, every party becomes an epic, endless moment!

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